Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Joel Doepker's Interview

    The last interview I had today was with Joel Doepker. He is the vice president of external relations at ECC or East Central College. Here is what happened:

JG:What were your emotions when you found out that you got the position of vice president of external relations?

JD: I was very excited at the opportunity.

JG: Do you like your job that you have now better then other jobs you have had in the past? Why or why not?

JD: I wouldn't say I like it better, but I do like the things I do now.

JG: After the job you have now, what do you plan on doing in the future?

JD: I am not quite sure. I wasn't sure before either.

Shelli Allen's Interview

        I interviewed Shelli Allen today, who is the vice president of student development at ECC or East Central College. Here are some of the questions I asked:

JG: Can you explain the feeling you had when you found out you got the position of vice president of student development?

SA: Excited, I was scared to move and scared of change. I just fell all sorts of things.

JG: Have you always lived in Missouri or have you moved to different places? Where?

SA: I was born in California. I have moved around a lot. I've moved to St. Louis and Kansas City, I lived in Iowa and Minnesota, too.

JG: How many schools have you been to as an employee? Do you have any favorites?

SA: I have worked at 6 schools and I would say my favorite was Carlton College in Minnesota because it was in a small town and it felt like the campus was the city.

Gregg Jones' Interview

   Today, I interviewed the Missourian Editor, Gregg Jones. At camp, we had a nice and short interview with him. I wrote down a few questions.

JG: What school did you go to and how many years were you there?

GJ: I went to Missouri State University and it took me about 5 years, but I did take a semester off.

JG: What are your favorite things to do at your job?

GJ: I like talking to aspiring journalists and writing columns about my son.

JG: If you weren't a journalists, then what would you want to be?

GJ: I might be a teacher, but I'm not sure what I would do if I had to start over.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

               The changes to the street of Prairie Dell Road are kind of a nuisance. I am excited for the new roundabout but the work is taking a while. Maybe, next time the workers should choose a faster project. Roundabouts aren't always a good solution. Thank you for listening


                   Josie Grainger

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hi, and welcome my NEW and AMAZING blog. where I will write about everything and anything.
Now let me talk about my self:
  1. I am a girl.
  2. I am currently in a journalism camp.
  3. This is my first blog.
  4. I like chocolate 
 I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please keep updated!